Responding to Student Disclosures of Sexual Misconduct

If a student tells you they have experienced sexual or gender-based misconduct:
  1. Inform them you are a Responsible Campus Partner and that you may have a duty to report the information shared with you.
  2. Offer to connect them to the Wellness Center's Advocacy Services.
  3. If they want to tell you (knowing you must report it to the University), listen to them. 
  4. Avoid asking questions or commenting on their experience.
  5. Tell them they are not alone. Loyola has resources available to assist them.  
  6. Encourage them to seek help. The Center for Student Assistance and Advocacy can connect with the student to talk about their options.  
If the student tells you there is an imminent danger to them or others:
  1. Call Campus Safety at 773.508.7233
  2. Connect them to the Wellness Center's Advocacy Services to make a safety plan.
Process Information that May be Useful to Share
  • After submitting a report to the University, the Dean of Students Office (DOS) or Office for Equity & Compliance (OEC) will reach out.  
  • The student does not have to meet with DOS or OEC staff regarding the matter. The student can decline the invitation to meet.
  • The DOS and OEC can provide the student with their options and additional information about University policies and procedures.  
  • The student does not have to choose a course of action immediately, or at all. 

You can fulfill your duty to report via the Maxient reporting system or by calling the OEC at 773.508.7766.