Loyola University Chicago

Emergency Response Plan

Contact Information

In the event of an emergency, immediate notification to the Department of Campus Safety (4-4911) is essential to ensure the timely response of emergency personnel.

General Numbers 
Loyola Information Line 773-508-8500 
Emergency Info Line -
Activated Only During Emergencies
Loyola Switchboard
    From within Loyola "0"  or  8-3000
    From outside Loyola 773-274-3000
or  312-915-3000
Call Center (Help Desk)
    From within Loyola 4-4444
    Emergency  (bypass auto attend) 8-2700
    From outside Loyola 773-508-7190
    Maywood Operations 708-216-9034
Globalstar Satellite Phones
    LUC-sat#1 254-377-6414
    LUC-sat#2 254-377-6413