Loyola University Chicago

Fine Arts

Department of Fine and Performing Arts

FNAR 368: Gallery Internship

The requirements for the Gallery Internship may be fulfilled in approved positions at art galleries, museums, auction houses, or other art or architectural-related organizations. Students can find positions in exterior professional galleries or internal school galleries (such as the LUMA or Fine Arts Gallery).


  • Maintain a weekly log of activities.
  • Review work in biweekly review with advisor.
  • Mid-semester conference with advisor

Prepare a Final Report

(consider such points as):

  • What did you gain from the experience?
  • How did the experience contribute to your professional development?
  • What problems did the gallery have?
  • How do you think they could be solved?
  • What was especially good about the gallery?
  • Visit other galleries as a basis of comparison.

This course may be taken only once for credit. Any additional semesters must be identified as Independent Study and must have your advisor’s permission.

Additional Resources:

Internship course student agreement form
Internship Daily Log Sheet