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The Language Learning Resource Center (LLRC) supports the learning and teaching of languages, literatures and cultures by students and faculty of the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures and the wider Loyola community.

 The Center provides multi-media materials and equipment, personal assistance, a welcoming physical environment and the online tools to enhance learning and teaching. A pivotal aspect of the center’s mission is to provide leadership and faculty training in the creative and effective application of technology in modern language instruction and research.

Learning Resources

Online Recordings
The audio and video files for many language classes are available on our Digital Audio and Video page.

The LLRC has a large reference collection of videos and DVD's. Areas of focus include language courses, filmed adaptations of literary works, feature films and opera. These can be viewed in the LLRC. A catalog of video holdings is found in the "LLRC Resources Guide" at the reception desk. You may also view the online Film & Video Catalog. Selected videos that accompany language courses can be viewed on our Digital Audio and Video page.

Student Loan DVD Collection
The LLRC offers a separate and growing collection of films on DVD that students can borrow and take home. Loan period is 7 days. Come to the LLRC to peruse the titles!

Computing and Foreign Language Applications
The LLRC has Windows and Apple computers, all with headphones, microphones and applications for foreign language study. Internet and foreign language word processing and spell checking are available on all computers. The LLRC also has a collection of CD-ROMs with foreign language software for individualized work. See the Software link at the LLRC website for a complete list of language software for the many languages taught by the department.

Placement exam
Students wishing to continue studies in French, German or Spanish are requested to take the online placement exam via the LLRC website. Click on Language Placement Exam.

Literary Recordings
The LLRC has extensive audio recordings of foreign literature, drama, poetry and some music. Please ask LLRC staff about the collection; it will help if you have a specific author in mind when seeking materials.

Print Magazines and Newspapers
A selection of foreign language periodicals area available for reading in the LLRC. They contain the latest news, photographs and advertising from abroad. Click on Print Resources.

Reference textbooks, workbooks, grammar guides and dictionaries
As a comprehensive media and study center, the LLRC houses a collection of foreign language dictionaries and reference books. There are also copies of the textbooks, workbooks and lab manuals currently used in Departmental language courses. Because these materials are used by many students and faculty, they are for reference use only and may not be removed from the Center.

Information on Study Abroad Programs
The primary source for information on study abroad opportunities is the Office for International Programs. It is located in the Sullivan Center, 6339 N. Sheridan Road, Room 206. The LLRC has limited information on foreign language study abroad programs, as well. The Modern Languages Website has links to information on summer language programs. Foreign language majors should speak with their advisor for specific program recommendations. Transfer credit for study abroad programs generally requires permission of the department chairperson and the dean of the college in which the student is enrolled.

Water Tower Campus
Students enrolled in language courses at the Water Tower Campus are welcome to use the LLRC at Lake Shore, and of course audio recordings and in most cases videos accompanying basic courses are available on this Website.