Loyola University Chicago

Language Learning Resource Center

Our Staff

Full Time

Mrs. Paulina Dzieza
Language(s): Polish, Russian, German
Manager of the LLRC Since: Spring 2019


Part-Time Student Workers

Alex Bakalich
Major(s): Psychology
Language(s): Spanish, German, Polish, Italian
LLRC Aide Since: Spring 2018

Staff picture of Alex Bakalich

Jazmin Barragan
Major(s): Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy
Language(s): Spanish
LLRC Aide Since: Spring 2016

Staff Picture

Grace Johnson
Major(s): International Business
Language(s): Chinese, Spanish
LLRC Aide Since: Fall 2018
Maxim Raykov
Major(s): Economics, Information Systems, Supply Chain Management
Language(s): Russian, Bulgarian, German
LLRC Aide Since: Fall 2016
Nicole Saylor
Major(s): Biology, Spanish
Language(s): Spanish
LLRC Aide Since: Fall 2018

Shuting Qiu
Major(s): Film and Digital Media
Language(s): Chinese, Japanese
LLRC Aide Since: Spring 2018

Staff Picture of Laura Shuting Qiu