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UNIV 102: Loyola Seminar

UNIV 102: Loyola Seminar is a 1-credit, letter-graded, elective, special topics course taught by faculty or staff experts at Loyola. These small (22 students or fewer) classes are intended to connect students to a faculty or staff member and their peers through meaningful discussions on topics of shared interest. UNIV 102 meets for 50-mintues per week for the 15-week semester, and is a letter-graded course. 

Why take a Loyola Seminar?

  • Continue striving for success in this small, seminar-style class;
  • Get to know a faculty or staff member from one of your areas of interest;
  • Explore a major field of study while studying a unique and intriguing topic;
  • Participate in a class that lets you ask questions about your academic transition to college;
  • Deepen your connection to Loyola University Chicago;
  • Stay engaged and excited about your education!

Want to teach a Loyola Seminar? 

If you are a Loyola faculty or staff member who holds a Master's degree or higher, please contact Kevin Clarke at kclarke@luc.edu for more information. 

Loyola Seminars (UNIV 102) - Spring 2019

Exploring and Planning Intentionally for Career + Life (EPIC Life)

Thinking of changing your major? Undecided? Do you love your classes but feel unsure of how your major will translate into a career? This seminar-style class will help you identify your skills, aptitudes, interests, values, and personality traits, and how they connect with potential career pathways. Interactive and reflective exercises encourage self-discovery, as well as help you learn strategies for exploring and researching career paths realistically, a lifelong skill. You'll leave with new ideas, valuable tools, and a personal action plan. Sections taught by Career Development Center staff.

  • UNIV 102-105 (6446) W@2:45PM
  • UNIV 102-108 (6611) M@3:50PM

Exploring Health Professions

These sections are an opportunity to explore, and think more deeply about, health professions. Course materials, guest speakers, and on-site activities will offer a range of information on different health professions and opportunities to engage with various issues facing health care professionals today. Students will have an opportunity to reflect on their interests and aspirations, and examine a specific health profession in greater depth. Sections taught by Pre-Health Professions staff.

  • UNIV 102-110 (6651): W@5:00PM
  • UNIV 102-111 (6652): W@6:00PM (restricted to Wellness Learning Community students)
  • UNIV 102-112 (6653): W@4:00PM

Financial Wellness for First and Second-Year Students

This section is for first and second year students who are interested in learning more about money basics like understanding your paycheck and banking resources. This section will discuss the emotions behind money habits, tips on how to build credit, and provide advice on using credit cards wisely. Students will also have the opportunity to learn investment basics, resources for future off-campus living, and will be provided resources to help fund their college education. Section taught by Kelsey Gerber, Associate Director of Financial Aid.

  • UNIV 102-100 (6621) T@11:30AM
  • UNIV 102-101 (5496) R@1:00PM

Financial Wellness for Third and Fourth-Year Students

This section is for third and fourth year students who want to prepare for life after college. Topics discussed will include budgeting and goal setting, loan repayment, graduate school aid options, home and auto loans, investing basics, retirement planning, paychecks and taxes, avoiding identity theft, and other important life skills. Section taught by Tobyn Friar, Director of Financial Aid, and John Campbell, University Bursar.

  • UNIV 102-101 (5496) R@1:00PM

Leading for Good

Leading for Good is your gateway to careers that make a difference. Leading for Good will introduce you to careers and leadership in the social sector, including at nonprofits, philanthropies, and government agencies. Through guest speakers, activities, readings, and experiences, you will explore how to be a leader for good. Section taught by Seth Green, Founding Director of the Baumhart Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility.

  • UNIV 102-106 (6609) T@2:30PM