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UNIV 201: Transfer Seminar

UNIV 201: Transfer Seminar

This course will help you explore what it means to be a successful Loyola student though a small group format to allow you to connect with other transfer students, forge meaningful relationships with your each other and your instructor, and discover how to navigate your undergraduate experiences. You will learn about Loyola’s Jesuit educational traditions, be introduced to the myriad services and activities available on campus, and begin to explore how the city of Chicago will contribute to your experiences. You will learn strategies for academic and personal success in college, and reflect on how to make the most of Loyola University Chicago to shape an undergraduate experience around your unique academic, career, and personal goals.

Learning Outcomes: As a result of completing this course students should be able to:

  • Analyze your academic plan looking forward to graduation.
  • Articulate Loyola’s Jesuit mission and identity.
  • Participate fully in the Loyola Experience curriculum
  • Utilize campus and community resources and support systems.