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Retreat Offerings

We offer many different retreats throughout the year with specific focuses. Watch the video above to get a taste of our LUC retreats community, and click on the titles below to learn more and register!

Please note that due to the coronavirus pandemic, our retreats for Spring 2021 (with the exception of silent retreats) are currently scheduled as virtual retreats. These retreats will take place in several sections over multiple days. We are excited to offer these opportunities for students to build community and reflect on their own personal journey!

Register for Loyola 360!

360 is a retreat designed just for first-year students! Participants spend a weekend building community and reflecting on their personal journey and transition to college. Upperclassmen student leaders share talks and lead discussions around the themes of priorities, pressures, and relationships. Students also gain a deeper understanding of Loyola’s Jesuit mission and identity. 


Spring 360 Retreat Dates 2020-2021

February 19-21, 2021 


Fall 360 Retreat Dates 2021-2022

September 17-19

November 12-14

February 18-20 


Listen to our 360 inspired playlist for a taste of the retreat:

Register for Transfer Retreat!

Transfer Retreat is a great way to build community with other transfer students and develop ways of putting down roots in at Loyola. We focus on the theme of “find your way, find your home” and honor the unique journey each individual has taken to arrive at Loyola. The retreat is built upon small and large group discussion, talks from upperclassmen transfer student leaders, fun activities, and more.


Retreat Dates for 2020-2021

September 26-27, 2020


A special note on Loyola 360 & Transfer Retreat 
For the 2021-2022 school year, Loyola 360 will serve as the first year and new student retreat, including transfer students. Leaders share talks and lead discussions on the themes of pressure, priorities, and relationships and help new students gain a deeper understanding of Jesuit values. 

We encourage transfer students to join us on one of our Loyola 360 retreat dates! 


Listen to our Transfer Retreat inspired playlist for a taste of the retreat:

Register for Unwritten!

Unwritten invites students to consider who they are and who they want to become, focusing on providing everyday skills to practice discernment and reflection. This retreat includes talks from student leaders, small groups, individual reflection time, large group rituals, and much more.


Retreat Dates 2020-2021

March 26-28, 2021 

Retreat Dates 2021-2022

October 22-24, 2021

Listen to our Unwritten inspired playlist for a taste of the retreat:

Register for Search!

Search is designed for students who have completed their first year of college and are interested in diving into the deep questions of life, connecting with others, and reflecting on their personal understanding of spirituality and faith. This retreat has a similar feel to retreats like Kairos, TEC, and Awakening, but is written specifically for college students and their experiences. Search has been Campus Ministry’s longest running retreat at Loyola (since 1995)!


Retreat Dates 2020-2021

January 22-24, 2021

Retreat Dates 2021-2022

January 21-23, 2022


Listen to our Search inspired playlist for a taste of the retreat:

Register for Preached Silent Retreat!

Preached Silent Retreat is a weekend-long retreat that utilizes silence, prayer services, and talks by Campus Ministers to help students connect to God and their individual prayer lives. This retreat gathers the group several times to provide prayer suggestions and themes. This is a small retreat – there are limited spots, and registration is first come, first serve.


Please note that this retreat will take place in person in Spring 2021, and costs $50 to attend. Apply for financial aid here. Please contact Lauren Schwer (lschwer@luc.edu) for more information.


Retreat Dates for 2020-2021

October 16-18, 2020
February 5-7, 2021


Retreat Dates for 2021-2022

 October 1-3, 2021
February 4-6, 2022


Register for Ignatian Silent Retreat!

The Ignatian Silent Retreat is an opportunity for Loyola students who desire a chance to enter deeply into prayer, reflection, and silence during the last week of Winter Break. Rooted in the Ignatian tradition, this retreat provides time to rest, pray, and be free of the pressures and stress of the academic year. Students are paired with spiritual directors who help guide them to become more deeply aware of one’s life experiences and grow in relationship with God and themselves.


Please note that this retreat will take place in person, and costs $100 to attend. Apply for financial aid here. Please contact Lauren Schwer (lschwer@luc.edu) for more information.


Retreat Dates 2020-2021

January 10-14, 2021


Retreat Dates 2021-2022

January 9-12, 2022

Register for Busy Student Retreat!

The Busy Student Retreat pairs students with a spiritual director to help them find ways to deepen their relationship with God and find intentional time for personal prayer during Lent. This retreat is open to both Loyola undergraduate and graduate students, and invites participants to commit to praying on their own three times a week for 30 minutes and meet with a director once a week for 30 minutes.


Retreat Dates 2020-2021

Lent 2021

Register for Senior Retreat!

This retreat invites graduating seniors to spend time celebrating what Loyola has meant to them in a retreat setting, practice being present, & consider their hopes for the future.


Retreat Dates for 2020-2021

April 17, 2021

April 2-3 

Retreat Dates for 2021-2022

April 2-3, 2022

Register for C.C.C. Retreat!

C.C.C. is a Christ-centered retreat that welcomes all Christians at Loyola. We have small groups, student testimonies, worship, prayer, and fellowship. Many of the students are part of Agape/Ecclesia and many are not. Whoever you are, come join us!


**Check back for 2021-2022 Retreat dates**

Register for HSO Retreat!

The Hindu Students’ Organization (HSO) Retreat provides opportunities to explore aspects of Hindu culture and beliefs through various discussions and other social activities. We hope to build a strong community and provide space for participants will leave with a better understanding of their religion.


**Check back for 2021-2022 Retreat dates**

Register for the MSA Sisters' Retreat!

The Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) Retreat is an opportunity for members to not only get closer to the Creator, but also strengthen the ties of sisterhood on campus. A weekend long combination of activities and spiritual talks will help serve to meet this purpose. Join us as we venture out to strengthen our bonds with Allah as well as each other.


**Check back for 2021-2022 Retreat dates**