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Register for Loyola 360 Retreat

Loyola 360 is a weekend retreat open to all first-year students who want to take advantage of all Loyola has to offer. Participants take some time away from Loyola’s urban campus and explore the beautiful grounds of Loyola's Retreat and Ecology Campus (LUREC).

Students will also be able to eat deliciously fresh food and enjoy the exciting activities planned for the weekend which include opportunities to build community, reflect on their personal journey and transition to college, and gain a deeper understanding of Loyola's Jesuit mission and identity. We hope you decide to join us and we cannot wait to share in your Loyola 360 experience!

Retreat Dates for 2019 - 20

Cost: $50—Includes six (6) meals, snacks, two (2) nights lodging, transportation.

Financial Aid: Click here to make your request.

Register for Transfer Retreat

Transfer Retreat is a great way to build community with other transfer students and develop ways of putting down roots at Loyola. We focus on the theme of "find your way, find your home" and honor the unique journey each individual has taken to arrive at Loyola. The retreat is built upon small and large group discussion, talks from upperclassmen transfer student leaders, fun activities, and more.

Retreat Dates for 2019 - 20

  • September 21 - 22
  • February 15 - 16

Cost: $25—Includes four (4) meals, snacks, one (1) nights lodging, transportation.

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Register for our Virtual Unwritten Retreat!

Due to COVID-19, our original Unwritten Retreat for 2019-2020 was cancelled. We are excited to announce that we have moved this retreat online! Please see details below.

Unwritten will invite you to consider who you are and who you want to become, focusing on giving you practical skills to practice discernment & reflection. Our virtual retreat will include talks from student leaders, small gropus, individual reflection time, large group rituals, and much more. The retreat will take place in four sections over three days, all via Zoom.

Wednesday, April 8
7:00-9:45 pm Central

Thursday, April 9
7:00-9:30 pm Central

Friday, April 10
9:00-11:40 am Central

Friday, April 10
1:00-3:45 pm Central

This retreat is free and open to all current Loyola students who have completed their first year of college (including those who may have been abroad this semester).

Feel like you’re searching
for God only knows what?

Come spend a weekend at LUREC
and think about what you are really searching for in life.

Register for Search Retreat

Designed just for upperclassmen, the Search Retreat is the perfect way to reflect on your spiritual life, build stronger relationships, and dive into the deep questions of life.

The Search Retreat is a full-weekend, student-led retreat that invites students to deepen in their relationships with themselves, their friends, their family, and their faith. Search has a similar feel to retreats like Kairos, TEC and Awakening, but is written for college students and the specific challenges they face on the journey to know themselves. Since 1995, Search has been campus ministry's longest running retreat at Loyola.

Retreat Dates for 2019 - 20

  • November 15 - 17
  • January 17 - 19

Cost: $50- includes six (6) meals, snacks, two (2) nights lodging, transportation.

Financial Aid: Click here to make your request.

Please Note: The November and January Search Retreats are not open to first-year students

 Have you been on Search at Loyola?
Have you been on a similar retreat such as Kairos, Awakening, TEC, Encounter, etc. in high school or outside of Loyola?
Let us know and join our mailing list! Send an email to search@luc.edu with your name, class year, and the name of the retreat you attended!

Silent Retreats provide a unique way to develop your personal relationship with God and yourself. We offer two different Silent Retreats each year.


Ignatian Silent Retreat

Register for Ignatian Silent Retreat

The Ignatian Silent Retreat is an opportunity for Loyola students who desire the chance to enter deeply into prayer, reflection, and silence during the last week of Winter Break. Rooted in the Ignatian tradition, this retreat provides time to rest, pray, and be free of the pressures and stress of the academic year. The quiet environment, combined with caring directors and amazing food, creates a space to become more deeply aware of one’s life experiences and grow in relationship with God and yourself.

For further information, please contact Lauren Schwer.  Registration is first come, first serve with a final deadline of December 1, 2019 if not already full.

Retreat Dates for 2019 - 20

  • January 5 - 9

Cost: $100—Includes twelve (12) meals, snacks, four (4) nights lodging, transportation.

Financial Aid: Click here to make your request.


Preached Silent Retreat

Register for Preached Silent Retreat

Preached Silent Retreat is a weekend-long retreat that utilizes silence, prayer services, and talks by Campus Ministers to help students connect to God and their individual prayer lives. Unlike the Ignatian Silent Retreat, the Preached Silent Retreat gathers the group several times to provide prayer suggestions and themes. This is a small retreat - there are limited spots, and registration is first come, first serve.

Retreat Dates for 2019 - 20

  • January 31 - February 2

Cost: $50—Includes six (6) meals, snacks, two (2) nights lodging, transportation.

Financial AidClick here to make your request.