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Why a Peer Advisor?

Some of our UNIV Peer Advisors share their favorite part about being a PA.

“My absolute favorite thing about being PA is the sheer joy and fulfillment I get after interacting/ helping my students. Knowing that I took part in helping them grow into the awesome students I know they will be, just makes my day.” - Xavier Oberhelman

“The PA role has been the greatest decision I have made here at Loyola! It has provided me with the necessary resources to go forth and set the world on fire!” - Mayar Azar

“The most memorable parts of the PA experience are the one on one relationships you build with the students. The relationships I've built with the class are one of my most treasured memories as a student here at Loyola.” - Tenzing Sherpa

“I love having the opportunity to be there for new students, helping answer their questions, directing them to other resources as needed, and giving them all the information I wish I had known!” - Maria Younan