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Welcome to the Department of Psychology Website!  In these pages you will find a great deal of useful information about our programs and our faculty and students.
The Department of Psychology offers rigorous, empirically-grounded training in psychology at both the undergraduate and graduate level.  At the undergraduate level, our programs provide a broad-based introduction to the field that is applicable to a wide variety of careers, and that forms as well a solid foundation for those who wish to pursue advance study in various areas of specialization within psychology and related disciplines.  At the graduate level, we offer specialize training in applied social, clinical, and  developmental psychology.  Each of these three programs is designed to help students launch a productive and fulfilling career in psychology.
Psychology is both an academic discipline and a profession.  As an academic discipline, psychology is concerned with the scientific study of experience, thought, and behavior, and the science of psychology underpins every course we teach.  As a profession, psychologists apply psychological theory in order to help solve important, real-world problems faced by individuals, organizations, and society at large.  
If you are considering psychology as a possible major, and wonder whether it is right for you, I invite you to explore this website in depth.  Here you will find detailed information about course offerings and requirements, about careers both in and related to psychology, about our internship program, and about getting a psychology faculty advisor.  You will also find information about the minor in psychology and about our hybrid, 5-year BS/MA Program in Applied Social Psychology.
If you are already a psychology major, and are looking for ways to become more deeply involve, check out the page describing our several undergraduate psychology clubs, as well as the page devoted to Honors in Psychology.  There is also information here about how to get involved in faculty directed research, which can be done for course credit.  Links are provided to each of our faculty web pages and research labs, where you can learn about the very wide range of empirical research that they do. 
Finally, if you are considering graduate study in psychology, I invite you to explore the pages describing our three graduate training tracks; in applied social, , and  psychology.   Each track offers a course of study leading to the PhD.  The applied social psychology track also offers a course of study that leads to a terminal MA degree.  Take a look at what our graduate students are studying and what they do after they finish their time with us at Loyola. Additionally, you will find information about funding/scholarship opportunities, and about securing employment in psychology after earning an advanced degree.
Lastly, if you are an alum of either our undergraduate or graduate programs won't you let us know what is happening with you by joining our LinkedIn and Facebook groups.  You can also connect to the Department by supporting us financially.
There is much to explore here.  Welcome to the website, and welcome to psychology!
Raymond "Toby" Dye, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor and Department Chair