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Department of Psychology


The following are frequently asked questions of Loyola's Department of Psychology:

There are two internal funding applications available for graduate students. You can apply both sources of funding to the same conference, if desired (and accepted).
The Psychology Department: Students may apply for up to $200 in travel costs from the Psychology Department. Students should contact Michelle Bukowski (mbukowski@luc.edu) via email and ask to be placed on the list for travel funds. The list is a first-come, first-served basis. In other words, once the funds are depleted, there are no more available for the semester. Additionally, the funds must be used for travel to a conference/seminar/workshop where the student requesting funds will be presenting a paper or poster in order to qualify. You can apply once each semester. 
The Graduate School: Students may apply for up to $400 in travel costs associated with presenting at one conference per academic year. Only conferences outside a 30 mile radius of Chicago will be considered for full funding. Conferences within range of the city may be eligible for reimbursement of conference fees only. To be considered for funding, you must apply online BEFORE you travel. Log into their awards system at https://gsps.luc.edu/, navigate to Award Forms -> Internal Awards section, and click the "Add" button to begin.  You will be required to upload proof of acceptance to a conference (i.e. an email or letter of acceptance from the conference sponsor).
Once travel has been completed, please submit your receipts, related conference documents, and a completed reimbursement form to the Awards Coordinator in the Graduate School. The award money will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, and applications will stop being accepted once travel funds have been exhausted.
Yes! Visit the Graduate School's website to learn more about the Research Mentoring Program (RMP) and the Research Incentive Award for Graduate Students (RIAGS) program.
The university also provides a Research Funding Request opportunity which provides up to $300 towards dissertation expenses.
The Graduate School has great information and resources available for current students in regards to financial assistance and both internal and external funding opportunities. Visit this page to find more information.
There are additional opportunities that you can see on the Graduate Resources page.
Go into your LOCUS account in order to apply for graduation. Click on the Academics tab, and then the Apply for Graduation tab.
Format the document using the graduate school’s format manual for theses and dissertations: http://www.luc.edu/gradschool/formatting.shtml
Submit a copy of your thesis to the graduate school for a format check. For the format check, you do not need a complete draft: you may include “filler text” as long as the formatting has been attempted. Submit here: http://www.etdadmin.com/luc
Format check deadlines:
  1. December degree conferral: October 1st.
  2. May degree conferral: March 1st.
  3. You DO NOT have to have defended your thesis in order to apply for a format check.
Address any comments suggested during the graduate school format check, which will be emailed to your @luc email address.
Following your thesis defense, ask your committee members to sign the Approval Ballot for Text and Oral Defense: http://www.luc.edu/gradschool/servicesandresources_forms.shtml
Once you have obtained all committee signatures on the Approval Ballot, ask your DCT to sign and upload it to the GSPS site.
Once your thesis has been defended, approved by format check, and approved by your committee, submit your final copy electronically to the graduate school using the same site used for the format check.
Email the following required supplemental materials to formathelp@luc.edu:
  1. One copy of your completed, formatted manuscript
  2. One signed approval sheet
  3. One extra title page in PDF form, formatted as described in the Manual
  4. One extra abstract in PDF form, formatted as described in the Manual
  5. Confirmation that you have completed the NORC Survey of Earned Doctorates (dissertations only)
Full copy electronic upload deadlines:
  1. December degree conferral: November 1st.
  2. May degree conferral: April 1st.
  3. You DO need to have defended your thesis in order to submit a full electronic copy.
The graduate school may contact you if any materials are missing or any corrections are needed.