Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (LUROP)

LUROP, the Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, consists of two things. 
LUROP began as the umbrella under which several undergraduate research programs at Loyola were promoted, supported, and administered.  There are currently thirteen different LUROP fellowship programs that offer undergraduates an opportunity to conduct research under a mentor, who may be a faculty member, a graduate student, or a community partner, depending on the program.  These fellowships also offer excellent opportunities for faculty members and others to mentor young researchers, which is the heart of the LUROP experience.  Many of these fellowships predate LUROP, and twelve are directly administered by their own centers, departments, or directors.  Together, they are centrally coordinated by the Center for Experiential Learning in the Sullivan Center at the Lake Shore Campus, which also directly manages the Provost Fellowship.  For more information, and directions for applying, see the page for the LUROP Fellowships
Over time, LUROP has also grown to offer a range of resources and opportunities for students interested in research, which are encouraged for students in the thirteen LUROP Fellowships, but also available for ALL Loyola undergrads.  These resources include guides for finding other research opportunities for any Loyola student researcher, information on where to present or publish your research and workshops to help you prepare to do so, the UNIV391 Seminar in Undergraduate Research, advice and resources for those interested in graduate school, and a general resource clearinghouse.  And maybe most importantly, any Loyola student conducting research, including those independent of the twelve LUROP Fellowships, is welcome to present at the spring Undergraduate Research Symposium, where students can present their work in oral presentations or poster presentations.