Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology


Every student is assigned to a first and second year advisor when they enroll at Loyola. This person can help the student with planning their course schedule, registration, selecting a major, and other academic and non-academic concerns. If the student enrolls in a major under the College of Arts and Sciences they are then assigned to a CAS advisor for help during their 3rd and subsequent years until they graduate. This advisor can help with many of the same things as the first and second year advisor but also has more specialized information available about specific majors.  They will also help the student to ensure that they will meet all of the graduation requirements from the university, college, and their major(s) and minor(s).
In addition, if the student declares a psychology major they can request a Psychology Faculty Advisor. This faculty member will meet with you, go over course requirements, departmental activities, special courses, career opportunities, etc., and answer any questions that you might have. Please know that it is your responsibility to contact your advisor who will work with you on an "as needed" basis for the rest of your stay at Loyola. You can always see who your advisors are by checking LOCUS.
Students declaring the Psychology Major after August 2021 will be required to take Psychology Advising and Career Development (PSYC 201).  This course will provide an overview of the Psychology Major at Loyola and career options in psychology, introducing students to a variety of psychology career development resources. Students will also prepare for opportunities in independent research and internships and plan for a career including creating a resume and CV.