Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

Independent Research

Loyola's psychology program offers countless opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research under the supervision of faculty members—an experience that is highly valued by employers and graduate schools. Students may work on their own individual projects or work with other undergraduate and graduate students as part of a faculty member's research team.
Students can earn course credit for this research experience through independent studies and research courses, PSYC 397 (Independent Research) and PSYC 399 (Special Studies in Psychology). Qualified students may also plan and conduct psychological research by enrolling in the two-course honors sequence (PSYC 369 and 370). Undergraduates regularly participate in presenting the results of psychology research projects at the meetings of the Psi Chi Honor Society, and at professional meetings in Chicago and the Midwest. 
To learn more about faculty research interests, take a look at faculty or lab websites.
If a student completes PSYC 397 and 399 with the same faculty member and produces written work from both, they could be eligible to receive the Psychology Department Research Award.