Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

Psychology Minor

Students graduating after Spring 2021 fall under these graduation requirements. If you declared your minor prior to May 1, 2021 your requirements will be updated in Locus during the summer of 2021.
A total of 6 psychology courses (18 credit hours) are required for the Psychology Minor. Students must take 101, and 5 additional psychology courses. Courses may be any 200 (except PSYC 201) or 300 level psychology courses or NEUR 101.Three courses of the minor can be fulfilled with courses transferred into Loyola.

Mathematics and Statistics

While there is no explicit math requirement for the Psychology Minor, it is expected that students will have a solid background in basic math (including algebra and preferably probability) prior to taking PSYC 304. If the student has tested out of math they may enroll in PSYC 304 immediately after taking PSYC 101.

Transferring Courses

Three courses of the minor can be fulfilled with courses transferred into Loyola. Please consult with your CAS Advisor to ensure that you have received transfer credit for courses taken at other universities.

Double-Dipping Policy

Psychology minors are to abide by Academic Council's double dipping policy which instructs that 8 credit hours must be unique to a minor.

Independent Study Opportunities

Loyola's psychology department offers countless opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research under the supervision of faculty members—an experience that is highly valued by employers and graduate schools. More information on Research in the department can be found under the Research Tab of the Psychology Department Website. Students can earn course credit for this research experience through independent studies and research courses, PSYC 397 (Independent Research) and PSYC 399 (Special Studies in Psychology). Qualified students may also plan and conduct psychological research by enrolling in the two-course honors sequence (PSYC 369 and 370). PSYC 397 and PSYC 370 count towards the Loyola's engaged learning requirement, while PSYC 399 does not. More information on Independent Study courses in Psychology are available on the Independent Research webpage under the Undergraduate Tab on the department website or by clicking the hyperlinks for the individual courses above.

Internship in Psychology

PSYC 390 is an intensive, work/academic experience that combines 100 hours (minimum) of supervised work at a psychology-related job site, arranged by the student prior to the start of the semester. PSYC 390 class meetings include class discussions and activities, reading and writing assignments, and an independent project. This is a unique and time-intensive opportunity that allows students to learn how psychology is applied in real-world settings. The course is open to psychology juniors and seniors. Students interested in the program should learn more by visiting the Internship in PsychologyWebpage found under the Undergraduate Tab on the department website. Questions about the program should be addressed to the internship coordinator (psyc-internship@luc.edu). Admission to the internship course is by application only. Applications are due midway through the SEMESTER BEFORE the internship is to be taken.