Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

Anne Sutter

Title: Associate Professor; Adjunct Associate Professor of the Parmly Hearing Institute
Office: 222 Coffey Hall
Phone: 773.508.3012  
Email: asutter@luc.edu 

Background Information
Ph.D., University of Oregon
Specialty: Experimental Psychology
Research Interests:
In my research, I use what is known about the basics of visual processing to figure out how the brain might go about perceiving objects in the world. I am particularly interested in the way texture information is used by the visual system. Texture is an important feature of objects; without it, representations of objects do not look real. I have worked to determine the processes by which adjacent areas of different texture are perceived to be distinct regions (different objects) in a visual scene. Most of this research has been conducted with the goal of explaining "texture segregation" at the earliest possible level of the visual system. Questions that I plan to address in future experiments include: What constitutes a "texture" in perception? What role does attention play in whether a stimulus is perceived as a texture or a collection of objects? To what extent does the experimental task determine the perception of the stimulus in studies of texture segregation and visual search?
Graduate Statistics (Advanced Statistics, Psych 480)
Statistics (Psych 304)
Psychology and Biology of Perception (Psych/Biol 240)
Information Processing (Psych 435)
Recent Publications:
Graham, N., & Sutter, A. (2000). Normalization, compressiveness, and expansiveness in simple (Fourier) and complex (Non-Fourier) texture channels. Vision Research, 40, 2737-2761..
Sutter, A., & Hwang, D. (1999). A comparison of the dynamics of simple (Fourier) and complex (non-Fourier) mechanisms in texture segregation, Vision Research, 39, 1943-1962.
Graham, N., & Sutter, A. (1998). Spatial summation in simple (Fourier) and complex (non-Fourier) texture channels, Vision Research, 38(2), 231-257.
Professional Society Membership:
Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
Optical Society of America