Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology


Anna Maria Ros

Training Track: Clinical
Lab: CASA Lab  
Advisor: Catherine DeCarlo Santiago, Ph.D. 
Office: Coffey Hall 406
Email: aros@luc.edu 
Webpage: LinkedIn


I am interested in parent factors involved in child psychopathology, as well as interventions for PTSD and depression among children who have suffered trauma. Additionally, I am interested in the effects of neighborhood disadvantage and maternal depression on mental health outcomes for low-income Mexican origin children. 

Masters Thesis Title

The Effects of Parental Functioning and Socioeconomic Status on Initial Child Psychopathology Symptoms and Treatment Outcomes Following a Brief Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group.

Masters Thesis Abstract

The present study investigates the impact of parental psychopathology and socioeconomic status on the severity of child PTSD and depression symptoms at baseline, in addition to the impact on treatment effectiveness. First, the study examines how the presence of parental PTSD, depression and hostility act as proximal risk factors for the baseline severity of child PTSD and depression symptoms. Further, the study investigates how these proximal parental factors affect symptom reduction following intervention for these children. Additionally, the current study will examine how low socioeconomic status affects baseline severity of child PTSD and depression symptoms as well as how income-to-needs influences symptom reduction following treatment. 

Masters Thesis Committee

Catherine DeCarlo Santiago and Maryse Richards