Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology



Assistant professor Robert Morrison stumbles around his classroom while playing the Brownian Motion game—a twist on the childhood game of Marco Polo—during the student-led Einstein Winter Olympics. (Photos by Natalie Battaglia.)


Students in Morrison’s Psychology of Creativity honors course run around Dumbach Hall for the 200-meter Wave Particle Race. The event was designed to help show how light travels as both a wave and a particle.


Patrick Madison (left) and Hannah McCormick try to figure out the Bending of Space-Time game, which calls for making the hanger dip without pulling on one of the strings or adding weight. The answer? Spin a ball.


Psychology of Creativity student Tamara Beric goes for a ride in a Residence Life laundry cart—aka, the E=MarioCart2—to help explain Einstein’s theory of relativity. Providing the pushing power are Maura Rocks (left) and James Stancliffe.