Loyola University Chicago

Office of Registration and Records

Enrollment Verification


Current students, please use LOCUS to request a Verification of Enrollment.  Students are able to either print a verification from their browser or request that Loyola University Chicago mail a certified copy to a specified third party at a specific address.  When requesting that Loyola mail the Verification of Enrollment, the student will be given the option to select the current date or a later date on which the certified Verification of Enrollment will be processed.


Outside third parties (insurance companies, credit issuers, future employers, and the like), please contact the National Student Clearinghouse to verify enrollment or degree status of current and former students.

FERPA Note:  The information provided by Loyola University Chicago to outside entities is only that which has been determined to not be harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed ("Directory Information"). For a full discussion of FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and the rights afforded,  please click on FERPA

If a student has exercised their right to block the release of their Directory Information, the third party will be informed that a record of the student does not exist. 


  • WEB form ٭ . Former students. This form is to be used only in those cases where a former student does not have access to LOCUS.