Loyola University Chicago

Student Accessibility Center

Student Academic Services

Mission and Vision

The Student Accessibility Center's mission is to support, service, and empower Loyola University Chicago students with disabilities. SAC is committed to providing support for students with disabilities through innovative services, programs, and partnerships. SAC leads the campus community in its commitments to recognize disability as a valued aspect of diversity, to embrace access as a matter of social justice, and to design more welcoming and inclusive environments. If individuals encounter academic, physical, technology, or other barriers on campus, SAC staff is available to help implement reasonable accommodations or partner to find good solutions.

The goals and objectives of SAC is to:

  • Empower students with diverse needs by enhancing their self-awareness, self-determination, and self-advocacy
  • Promote awareness of the needs of students with disabilities and encourage the Loyola community at large to respect and care for each individual
  • Create inclusive physical, academic, and social environments by engaging and supporting the campus community in an effort to reduce barriers for students with disabilities
  • Improve the recruitment, transition, retention and graduation of students with disabilities.
  • Ensure the effective delivery of reasonable academic and Residence Life accommodations under Section 504 and the ADA.
  • Partner with faculty and staff to provide opportunities for collaboration, professional development, personal growth, and staff interaction, as they relate to students with disabilities.

Following in the steps of Loyola’s Jesuit mission, SAC is committed to serving all students no matter their gender, race, ethnicity, age, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, or disability. Confidentiality is extremely important in all matters pertaining to students with disabilities. We work closely with campus partners, students, families, and the Chicago community to create a safe environment for students to succeed academically and personally.