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What is a disability? 

A disability is a medical or mental health condition that substantially limits one or more major life activities of an individual. 


What are major life activities? 

Major life activities are those activities that the average person can do with little or no difficulty, such as walking, seeing, hearing, talking, breathing, learning, caring for one's self, working, etc. 


What are substantial limitations? 

A substantial limitation is a significant restriction in the condition, manner or duration in which a major life activity is performed compared to most people. The activity must be limited to a considerable extent by the impairment for that individual to be protected by federal statutes. 


My student wants to waive an assignment or change the structure of the course. Do I have to comply? 

The SAC will not pressure staff to significantly alter the structure of their syllabus to meet a students needs. The SAC will collaborate with faculty to determine what changes (if any) can be made to the course structure, but faculty are not required to alter their course structure.  


I’m struggling with GLEAN, Zoom, Remote Access, CART, or other accommodations. What do I do? 

Contact the SAC for support.  


Who qualifies as having a disability under the ADA? 

An individual with a disability is any person who: 

has a disability 

has a record of a disability 

is regarded as having a disability or has a relationship with someone who has a disability