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SAC transitioned to an web based management system for all students. Please click here to log into Accommodate with your Loyola username and password. 

Loyola is committed to providing equal access for all students with disabilities. Student Accessibility Center (SAC) collaborates closely with students, faculty, Loyola departments, and outside agencies to ensure that we meet the educational needs of each student. In order to promote collaboration, we encourage faculty to proactively reach out to students who are registered with SAC or who may have a disability to self-identify. SAC created this page to address common questions from faculty about working with students with disabilities.

Recommended Syllabus Statement:

Loyola University provides reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Any student requesting accommodations related to a disability or other condition is required to register with Student Accessibility Center (SAC), located in Sullivan Center, Suite 117. Students will provide professors with an accommodation notification from SAC, preferably within the first two weeks of class. Students are encouraged to meet with their professor individually in order to discuss their accommodations. All information will remain confidential. For more information about registering with SAC or questions about accommodations, please contact 773-508-3700 or SAC@luc.edu.

Testing Accommodations in SAKAI

Time limits  or date settings may need to be modified for SAC students that presented you with an accommodation letter. Please click this link for intructions on how to modify settings for individual students. Your assessment must already be created to apply these settings.

The Faculty Page is currently under construction. For more information or further assistance, please call 773.508.3700.