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Loyola is committed to providing equitable access for all students with disabilities. Student Accessibility Center (SAC) collaborates closely with students, faculty, Loyola departments, and outside agencies to ensure that we meet the educational needs of each student. In order to promote collaboration, we encourage faculty to proactively reach out to students who are registered with SAC or who may have a disability to self-identify. SAC created this page to address common questions from faculty about working with students with disabilities.

SAC utilizes a web based management system for all our registered students. Faculty can use Accommodate to view rosters, review Accommodation letters, and securely submit exams.  Please click here to log into Accommodate with your Loyola username and password. 

Faculty will have several options to provide us a copy of the exam for the student:

  • Email copy of the exam to SACTesting@luc.edu
  • Upload copy of the exam to Accommodate in your Faculty Profile --> "Courses" --> select course --> "Exam" tab --> "Add New" and upload.
  • Or drop off physical copy of the exam to Sullivan Center Suite 117
  • Please note that you must fill out the proctor form and include in your email, upload, or exam drop-off
    • The proctor form is found in your resource library tab in Accommodate

For more information on how you can support students with disabilities, please visit the Faculty Role page or navigate the menu on the left.