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Documentation Guidelines

To see the full documentation guidelines, policies, and procedures: please click here.

Documentation is a key component of a student’s application for accommodations. Accessibility specialists utilize documentation to better understand the recent impact of a student’s disability(s). Students must submit sufficient documentation to the SAC in order to receive accommodations.

Documentation should…

  • contain a diagnosis for a disability
  • verify the nature and extent of the disability’s impact
  • support the need for a specific accommodation request
  • describe the recent impact of disability conditions
  • contain a signature from an appropriate licensed professional
  • contain the licensed professional’s license number
  • be typed on letterhead
  • be un-editable

The SAC may request additional documentation at any point in a student’s accommodation request process including accommodation modification requests for students already registered with the SAC.

If a student wishes to request temporary assistance for a temporary disability, they should view the  Student Accessibility Center Temporary Arrangements Documentation Guidelines document located on the SAC’s website.

The SAC provides a Student Accessibility Center Disability Verification Form as an option for students seeking documentation from their professional provider. This document is available on the SAC’s website and the Accommodate Resource Library.

Note: If a student feels their documentation has been inaccurately deemed insufficient, they should follow the Student Accessibility Center Appeal Process located on the SAC’s website and the Accommodate Resource Library. If a student encounters challenges with obtaining sufficient documentation or has other concerns, they should contact the SAC at (773) 508-3700 or sac@luc.edu as soon as possible.