Loyola University Chicago

Student Accessibility Center

Student Academic Services

Facilitating Accommodations

SAC collaboratively works with students and faculty to ensure accessibility in and out of the classroom. The implementation of accommodations is a shared responsibility between the student, faculty, and SAC.

Student Process

This is a short description of the process that students go through in order to receive accommodations. It may be helpful information for you to know, but please refer any students interested in our services directly to SAC. Students interested in registering with disability services at Loyola University Chicago must follow the  procedures. Registration with SAC is not mandatory for all students with disabilities, but if a student is interested in receiving services then they must self-disclose their disability and register with SAC.

Students must complete the following process to receive services:

1. Complete the SAC Registration Form
2. Provide Appropriate Documentation of Disability
3. Complete an Registration Appointment (face to face or by phone) with an SAC staff member

Notification to Faculty

In order to use classroom related accommodations, students must provide their accommodation letter to faculty. Students must activate their accommodations with SAC each semester in Accommodate. Once approved, an official letter will be sent to you electronically in Accommodate. Students are responsible for discussing implementation of accommodations; some accommodations require additional forms or action. All information should remain confidential. Accommodations may be implemented at any point during the semester, but accommodations are not retroactive.

The responsibility for determining a student's eligibility for appropriate accommodations rests with SAC. Providing reasonable accommodations are required by law as they remove barriers and provide access for students with disabilities. If an accommodation compromises the core standards of the course, compromises the academic integrity of a course, or presents an undue burden to the University, please contact SAC. If you have questions about how an accommodation applies to your course, or if you have questions or concerns about implementing accommodations please contact SAC at 773-508-3700 or sac@luc.edu within a timely manner.

For more information about implementing accommodations, please follow the links below: