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Alcohol Policy- Residence Life

Alcohol Policies- Residence Life

(See 2016-17  for more information).

Students and their guests are subject to additional regulations concerning alcohol when in a residence hall. Students must properly dispose of all alcohol present when asked by a University official.

The following conduct is prohibited for residents and guests who are under 21 years of age ("underage students") in all residence halls, except where otherwise specified:

a. Being in the presence of alcohol, unless in one’s own room/apartment when the alcohol is in the possession of a roommate who is 21 or over (A)

b. Possession of containers that contain or previously contained alcohol or that are commonly used to consume alcohol (including but not limited to wine bottles, liquor bottles, shot glasses, and flasks) (A)

The following conduct is prohibited regardless of age:

c. Consuming alcohol in the residence halls in the presence of underage students (In rooms or apartments where some residents are under 21 and others underage, residents who are 21 or over and their 21 or over guests may consume alcohol in the presence of the underage roommate; however, underage guests are not permitted to be present when alcohol is in plain view or being consumed.) (A)

d. Possession of collections or displays of containers that contain or previously contained alcohol (A)

e. Possession of alcohol paraphernalia used for high risk drinking (beer bongs, etc.) (A)

f. Possession of excessive amounts of alcohol (including any size keg) as determined by a University official (B)


g. Use or possession of alcohol in common areas or within rooms/apartments where entry doors are open (in an apartment, bedroom doors may be open) (B)

*Common sanctions for a first-time offense include: (for Category A) $75-200 fine, 10-20 restorative service hours, educational experience or project; (for Category B) $200-300 fine, 20-30 restorative service hours, more intensive educational experience or project, residence hall or University probation; (for Category C) extensive fines, 30-40 restorative service hours, extensive educational experience or project, residence hall or University probation or suspension. For students under 21 years of age, parents or guardians will be notified of (a) any second violation of this policy, and (b) any Category C violation as permitted under FERPA, see §414.