Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

Foundation Courses

SOWK 302: Integrated Micro, Mezzo & Macro Theory and Practice

Credit Hours



Senior Standing, Social Work Majors Only. Prerequisites: Grade of "C" or higher in SOWK 200, SOWK 370, SOWK 305, SOWK 201 or 307, SOWK 350


This course extends theoretical knowledge and practical skills in mezzo and macro social work practices supporting anti-racist and anti-oppressive community-engaged practices. While integrating theories of sociology, political science, anthropology, public health, and urban studies – as well as practice knowledge – the class examines relationships between social, economic, political, and cultural structures, collective action, and individual attitudes and behaviors. 

In part one of the course, we will explore theoretical understandings of the community including ecological, systems, and communitarian perspectives. This course considers the community as a place of practice and a source of social change. We will examine strategies, tactics, and power dynamics associated with community intervention models—such as community building and development, community organizing and social action, and community planning and research. We will review historical and contemporary case studies of social change efforts, highlighting the work of marginalized groups, community organizations, and social movements. Emphasis will be placed on community-based interventions rooted in Chicago.

In part two of the course, we will review organizational theories, research, and practice methodologies. In this section, tactics and strategies relating to the management of human service organizations are explored. Emphasis is given to philanthropy and its critiques, as well as grant-writing. In addition, the course will provide practical experience such as creating work team contracts, articulating the elements of a typical grant proposal, and reviewing grant proposals.  

SOWK 302 Syllabus