Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)


The curriculum requires 32 credit hours at the Generalist/Foundation level. This change does not change the required hours for graduation (120) nor current CORE requirements. The advantage for BSW majors is that they will have room for an additional 3-4 courses. These courses will allow BSW’s who double-major to do so more easily, as well as having additional hours to put towards a minor. Possible Minors include: 

  • Women’s & Gender Studies  
  • Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies  
  • Psychology of Crime and Justice  
  • Criminal Justice & Criminology  
  • Sociology 

Curriculum Plan 

  • SOWK 200: Introduction to Social Work (3 credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 301: Practice Skills with Individuals and Families (3 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 302: Integrated Micro/Mezzo/Macro Theory and Practice (3 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 303: Group Work Practice in Social Work: Micro/Mezzo/Macro (3 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 305: Lifespan Development, Human Behavior, Trauma, and Theory (3 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 307: Social Work Policy and Community Intervention (3 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 330: Field I and Simulated Experience (0.5 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 340: Field II and Simulated Experience (0.5 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 350: Preparation for Practice (3 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 370: Power, Oppression, Privilege, and Social Justice (3 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 390: Research and Evaluation in Social Work Practice (3 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 501: Assessment of Client Concerns in Context (3 credit Hours) 
  • SWFI 530S: Field Seminar (1 Credit Hour) 

32 credit hours to complete the required BSW courses.
15 credit hours are required social science courses. 


PSYC 101 – Fulfilled by CORE requirement 

 SOCL 101 – Fulfilled by CORE requirement 

 Statistics -   Fulfilled by CORE requirement 

 Elective in PSYC, SOCL, PLSC, URB, WSGS, CJC, ANTH, or ECON; 

 Elective in PSYC, SOCL, PLSC, URB, WSGS, CJC, ANTH, or ECON; 

 Elective in PSYC, SOCL, PLSC, URB, WSGS, CJC, ANTH, or ECON; 

73 credit hours remaining of the required 120 are fulfilled by CORE requirements and electives.  

Program benefits

  • Prepare for a career in social services, including child welfare, community mental health, drug/alcohol rehabilitation, developmental disabilities. 
  • Earn real-world experience and professional connections through curriculum-based fieldwork
  • Graduate from an established, accredited BSW program with a 100-year history of excellence in social work education.
  • With the MSW experience increased career mobility and a wider range of job prospects.
  • Take advantage of student loans, scholarships, and career assistance resources available at Loyola.

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