Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)


The curriculum requires 38 credit hours at the Generalist/Foundation level.

Required Social Work Courses: Template Coming Soon

  • SOWK 200: Introduction to Social Work (3 credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 301: Practice Skills with Individuals and Families (3 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 302: Integrated Micro/Mezzo/Macro Theory and Practice (3 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 303: Group Work Practice in Social Work: Micro/Mezzo/Macro (3 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 305: Lifespan Development, Human Behavior, Trauma, and Theory (3 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 307: Social Work Policy and Community Advocacy (3 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 330: Field I and Simulated Experience (3.5 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 340: Field II and Simulated Experience (3.5 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 350: Preparation for Practice (3 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 370: Power, Oppression, Privilege, and Social Justice (3 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 390: Research and Evaluation in Social Work Practice (3 Credit Hours) 
  • SOWK 501: Assessment of Client Concerns in Context (3 credit Hours) 
  • SWFI 530S: Field Seminar (1 Credit Hour) 

38 credit hours to complete the required BSW courses.
15 credit hours are required social science courses. (PSYC 101, SOCL 101 + 9 credits of social science electives)

67 credit hours remaining of the required 120 credits are fulfilled by CORE requirements and electives.  

Program benefits

  • Prepare for a career in social services, including child welfare, community mental health, drug/alcohol rehabilitation, developmental disabilities. 
  • Earn real-world experience and professional connections through curriculum-based fieldwork
  • Graduate from an established, accredited BSW program with a 100-year history of excellence in social work education.
  • With the MSW experience increased career mobility and a wider range of job prospects.
  • Take advantage of student loans, scholarships, and career assistance resources available at Loyola.

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