Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work


An applicant should submit a reapplication if he/she:

  • Was admitted to a School of Social Work graduate program during the last two years but did not enroll.
  • Applied to Loyola within the last two years, but had an incomplete file.
  • Is currently enrolled as a non-degree-seeking Social Work student and wishes to apply for a certificate or degree program.
  • Is currently enrolled as a degree-seeking student and wishes to apply for a certificate program.
  • Wants to change graduate programs within the University and apply to the School of Social Work.
  • Wants to reapply to the program from which he/she withdrew.
  • Stopped attending a graduate program at Loyola School of Social Work and wants to return to the same program.
  • Graduated from a graduate program in the School of Social Work and wants to return as a non-degree-seeking student.
  • Was denied admission to Loyola's School of Social Work during the last two years and wants to apply again.

If any of these circumstances apply to you, please follow the three steps below in the process of applying for re-admissions to the MSW program.

1. Please complete the MSW Re-Application Form. Please select the “I wish to return to the same program for which I withdrew or stop attending” option. 

2. Submit a new personal statement. The personal statement component of your application to the MSW Program at Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work will be used to assess your writing, critical thinking, and capacity for self-awareness in terms of readiness for graduate level work and supervised practice in the field. This statement must be a comprehensive essay that addresses all the questions posed in the three topics below. You should submit one well-developed 1500 word, double spaced personal statement.

  • Topic 1: Reflect on your dismissal/withdrawal from the MSW program and share your desire to return. Also address what has changed since your dismissal/withdrawal to support your re-entry into the program and your strategies or plans to successfully complete the MSW program?
  • Topic 2: Describe your understanding of the social work profession. How have you incorporated the values of service and social justice (held by the profession) in your human service experiences and interactions with others since being dismissed from the program?
  • Topic 3: Discuss your timing to pursue a graduate program now. What personal and/or professional factors have led you to want to continue to pursue an MSW? 
    Note: If you are a transfer student currently or previously enrolled in a MSW program elsewhere, in addition to addressing the questions above in your personal statement, please address you interest in transferring/returning to Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work from your current or past institution.

3. Please have two professional and/or personal references write a letter of recommendation and have them send directly to SSW-Info@luc.edu. Once your re-application form and statement are completed, please also send both documents to SSW-Info@luc.edu.