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School of Social Work




Beijing, China


To be Announced


  1. SOWK 606 Practicum in Research
  2. SOWK 634 Special Topics (Earn credit for 602, 610 F/H, or elective credit)

Students will learn about:

  • Comparative research methods and social welfare policy analysis in an international context,
  • Diverse ethnic and cultural differences across and within Asia (with special focus on China), and
  • Chinese social problems, social work practice, and civic engagement in relation to social justice and human rights.


Visit the Great Wall, Summer Palace, Tian’anmen Square, Temple of Heaven, Pearl Market, and other historic sites.


To Be Announced


Contact Amy Krings at akrings@luc.edu or Nathan Perkins at nperkins2@luc.edu for more details.

About the Beijing Center

The Beijing Center is located at the Beijing University of International Business and Economics in the Chaoyang district. The campus is centrally located, providing easy access to the metro line and most areas of the city. It is a 25-minute taxi ride from the airport, a 15-minute ride from downtown, and a 10-minute ride to major shopping centers. On campus, there is a 24-hour medical clinic, four cafeterias, restaurants, and indoor and outdoor athletic facilities. Loyola University students have the option of staying at the Beijing Center campus or at a local hotel conveniently located across campus.


"Taking a course in Beijing with Loyola was by far the best decision I’ve made so far in graduate school. The course far exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to any student who has the availability to participate. The cultural sites were just as awe-inspiring as I’d imagined, especially the day we spent at the Great Wall of China. The lectures we had by various instructors were in-depth and highly engaging. My only complaint is that it was too short! I would have loved to spend more time in such an amazing place!”

– Andrew Hodge, Loyola MSW candidate, 2015 Beijing trip


"My previous conceptions about China were based on outdated, vague and inaccurate information. This trip has opened a deeper compassion within me for persons of Chinese descent. As a foreigner in China , the experience of not knowing the language or the social rules offered a fresh opportunity to develop empathy for future clients (of any ethnicity) who may feel powerless and disenfranchised in and by US culture. I feel that our 10 days offered a good basis from which to absorb information about China in greater depth over time.  I am now a "China watcher."  In particular I will always be alert to any news of the burgeoning elderly population in China."

– Sarah Hanson, Loyola MSW candidate, 2015 Beijing trip


"Studying abroad in Beijing was an amazing experience and it has left me with memories that I will not forget.  It was awesome to bridge what we had learned in the classroom and see it applied within in the communities of China.  This opportunity taught me the importance of learning about different cultures and how this can be accomplished through travel.  I would recommend this experience to everyone!"

– Courtney Mulhern, Loyola MSW candidate, 2015 Beijing trip

View Photos from past Beijing trips on SSW's Facebook page.