Loyola University Chicago

Department of Theology

New Testament and Early Christianity

The New Testament and Early Christianity specialization concentrates on the New Testament and closely related texts in their historical, cultural, and religious context. The interpretation of the texts involves the use of a variety of methods, both literary and historical. While studying the New Testament in its multifaceted reality, students explore the fascinating history and culture of contemporary Jewish and Greco-Roman worlds, the richness of the Jewish Scriptures, the challenging diversity of Intertestamental Judaism.


Robert A. DiVito (Pentateuch; Ancient Near East; Anthropology; Hermeneutics)

Edmondo Lupieri (Apocalypse of John; John the Baptist; Gnosticism)

Christopher W. Skinner (Johannine Literature; Synoptic Gospels; Gospel of Thomas; Nag Hammadi Library​; Narrative Christology; Narrative Criticism & Literary Hermeneutics; ​New Testament Ethics)

Olivia Stewart Lester (Gender, Religion and Violence, Prophecy, Ancient Economies, Pseudepigraphy, The Book of Revelation, Sibylline Oracles, Hellenistic Judaism, Biblical Interpretation)

Thomas H. Tobin, SJ (Paul; Philo; Hellenistic Judaism)

Thomas Wetzel (Hebrew Bible; Deuteronomistic History; Former and Latter Prophets; Jewish-Christian dialogue; Violence in the Bible; Flannery O'Connor and Catholic Literature)

Trilateral Agreement for Scientific Collaboration

Since Fall 2010, the New Testament and Early Christianity specialization has entered into a scholarly agreement with the Sorbonne of Paris in its École Pratique des Hautes études (i.e., two sections: "Sciences Historiques et Philologiques," and "Sciences Religieuses") and with the University of Bologna in its PhD Program "Studi Religiosi: Scienze Sociali e Studi Storici delle Religioni." These prestigious relationships with two among the most ancient Universities of Europe allow for the exchange of faculty and students, and a new sharing of scholarship, networking and common endeavor.