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Prof. Hille Haker elected President of Societas Ethica

Prof. Hille Haker elected President of Societas Ethica

Prof. Hille Haker was elected President of Societas Ethica at its 2015 Annual Convention in Linköping, Sweden. Societas Ethica, the European Society for Research in Ethics, was founded in 1964 on the initiative of the theologian Hendrik von Oyen at Basle (Switzerland). Under those who took part in the early years were well-known theologians as Franz Böckle, Arthur Rich, Dietrich Ritschl, Niels Hansen Søe and Gustav Wingren. Today Societas Ethica has more than 270 members from approximately 35 countries, including both moral theologians and moral philosophers. While in the beginning the character of the society was shaped by the dialogue between catholic and protestant moral theologians, nowadays moral philosophy is equally significant.

Prof. Haker is the Richard McCormick, S. J., Chair of Moral Theology at Loyola University Chicago. At present, she is a member of the European Group on Ethics in Sciences and New Technologies (EGE) of the European Commission and is Co-Director of “Concilium,” an international journal of theology. She is also a member of the German Academy of Ethics in Medicine (AEM) and an associated member of the International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities, University of Tuebingen. 

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