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Prof. Tracy Pintchman - Spring 2015

Prof. Tracy Pintchman - Spring 2015

Prof. Tracy Pintchman, Professor in the Religious Studies Program and Director of Global and International Studies, was recently profiled in the University of California at Santa Barbara alumni magazine. 

Click this link to read the profile. 

Prof. Pintchman also has numerous speaking engagements this Spring: 

March 3

"Venerating Shaligrams at a Hindu Goddess Temple in Michigan" at Yale University

March 5
"The Divine Mother Comes to Michigan: Karumariamman as Supreme Shakti at a North American Hindu Temple" at Harvard University

April 27
"Romancing the Stones: Shaligrams and the Goddess" at the University of Iowa

June 4 - 7
A paper on the Hindu goddess Tulsi at the South and Southeast Asia Cultures and Religions Conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka