Loyola University Chicago

University Marketing and Communication


Lenzlee Wheeler

Title/s:  Senior Web Developer

Email: lwheeler@luc.edu


Lenzlee Wheeler is a senior web developer for the University Marketing and Communication Digital Marketing Team. Her main role is managing major Web projects and contributing strategic marketing vision to the evolution of the University‚Äôs Web site.

Lenzlee is specifically focused on supporting UMC clients through the continued development of technology resources. Lenzlee works towards making sure Loyola's Site Content Coordinators have the tools and resources needed to achieve their marketing goals as we advance the use of TerminalFour Site Manager, WordPress, and the many other tools that we use in UMC. Lenzlee uses her technology and marketing acumen to use technology to achieve marketing goals.

Lenzlee joined Loyola in October 2004. Lenzlee graduated with honors and has a degree in software applications and programming. She was also a member of the National Technical Honor Society.