Loyola University Chicago

University Marketing and Communication

University Colors

In terms of consistency and identity, color plays a key role in building recognition. Use of the university’s official colors, Maroon (Pantone® 208), Gold (Pantone® 124), and Black, are critical when reproducing the university logo. Black is the preferred alternative when budget or context prevent use of the official three-color scheme.


  • Loyola Maroon
  • PMS: 1955 cp
  • CMYK: 9 - 100 - 54 - 43
  • RGB: 141, 0, 52
  • HEX: #8D0034


  • Loyola Gold
  • PMS: 1235 cp
  • CMYK: 0 - 28 - 98 - 0
  • RGB: 254, 188, 24
  • HEX: #FEBC18

Use of foil stamping is recommended for formal or ceremonial purposes only. Please consult University Marketing and Communication for approval.

Using the formulas specified will ensure the best color match on all computers. Do not rely on the output produced by a desktop color printer for matching the color when a project is to be printed on a printing press. The color calibration of desktop printers typically does not match the Pantone Matching System colors used by offset printers.

The university’s gold has been changed to Pantone® 124. The change reflects a more natural gold and better represents our history.

A secondary color palette is not recommended with the exception of the School of Law.