Loyola University Chicago

Writing Program

Nicole Salama

Doctoral Student and Instructor of Record



Nicole Salama is a first-year Ph.D. student studying Modern Literature and Culture at Loyola University Chicago. In addition to modernism, Nicole’s other research interests include poetry and poetics, women writers, textual criticism, and trauma studies. She’s also passionate about innovative writing techniques and is always searching for new ways to consider words as both a dedicated writer and reader. Before moving to Chicago to attend Loyola, Nicole earned her bachelor’s degree in English, Business, and Accounting from Baylor University.


  • BA in English, Business, and Accounting from Baylor University (2021)
  • MA in English from Loyola University Chicago (2022)

Research Interests

  • Poetry and Poetics
  • Trauma Theory
  • Childhood Studies
  • Textual Criticism


  • “Wailing on Wanting: The Traumatizing Influence of Parental Figures in Sylvia Plath’s ‘I Want, I Want’ and ‘The Colossus.’” Plath Profiles, 13.1., Oct. 2021, pp. 53-65.