Loyola University Chicago

Writing Program

Sammie Burton

Part-Time Instructor



I thoroughly enjoy teaching English and First-Year Writing. I believe it is my job to make reading, writing, and researching digestible for students who feel overwhelmed by these processes. My pedagogy is inspired by the works of Paulo Freire, Claude Steele and Albert Banduras. These scholars are embedded in my approach to teaching in diverse settings. My goal in the classroom is to create safe spaces whereby rich dialogue and collaboration establish self-assured students who have the literacy skills necessary to carry them through their college careers and beyond.


  • BA and MA, Chicago State University
  • Ed.D, Loyola Univrersity Chicago

Research Interests

  • Literacy Skills
  • Language Aquisition


  • Burton, S., El Ashmawi, Y., Ferguson, K., Neuman, T. and Schmidt, J. (2022). “Pursuing Racial Equity in Suburban High Schools: How Informal School Leaders Rise to the Challenge of Addressing Racial Inequity.” Race and Pedagogy Journal: Teaching and Learning for Justice, vol. 5, no. 4, Article 2.