Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Provost

Provision for Extension of Probationary Period for Tenure

The Faculty Handbook (2015) addresses Extensions of Probationary Period for tenure as follows: 

3. Timing of Promotion/Tenure and Extension of Probationary Period for Tenure

      a. Timing of Promotion/Tenure Decisions

A faculty member may be considered for promotion to higher academic rank and/or tenure after a minimum number of years of service in accordance with the guidelines of their school, college, or department.  Exceptional early cases may be permitted in accordance with these guidelines.

     b. Provision for the Extension of Probationary Period for Tenure

The time when a faculty member will be considered for tenure may be extended by one year. A faculty member should submit a request for the extension of the probationary period for tenure to their departmental chairperson, or academic supervisor, and their dean for recommendation, no later than the beginning of the academic year following the onset of the circumstances that first trigger the need for an extension.  The dean shall then submit the request to the Senior Academic Officer for approval.  In the event the request is denied, a faculty member may request reconsideration by the University Rank and Tenure Committee in accordance with the process specified in Chapter 5, Section I(4) below.  Normally, only one such request will be granted per person.  This policy is not meant to provide a leave of absence as described in Chapter 6 below.  It simply grants the faculty member a one-year extension in the tenure process.

4. Reconsideration

A faculty member may request reconsideration by the University Rank and Tenure Committee of any recommendation it has made affecting the faculty member.  If reconsideration is granted, the Rank and Tenure Committee will take appropriate action, including (but not limited to) referring the matter to the official or body which made the initial adverse decision or recommendation.  The purpose of reconsideration is to provide faculty members with the opportunity to respond to decisions that adversely affect them.  Requests for reconsideration must be made in writing within 60 days after a faculty member receives official notice of a decision from the Senior Academic Officer.  This request must be sent to the Senior Academic Officer, who in turn will refer the request to the University Rank and Tenure Committee.