Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Provost

10/30/19 Provost Search Update

10/30/19 Update from the Provost Search Committee on the Provost Search

The Provost Search is going very well and is on target to have a Provost named by the end of the Fall Semester.  As you know, the Provost Search Committee is working with a national search firm, Issacson, Miller, Inc. to find the next Provost for Loyola University Chicago.  This is a closed search, therefore we are unable to give detailed information about the candidates however we can give an update on our progress. You can review some of the activities on this web site.  The “Provost Profile” and list of “Provost Listening Sessions” that were conducted on all three Chicagoland campuses are listed below. 

Several members of the Loyola community have asked why we chose to do a closed search. The open search process limits the pool of available candidates to only those candidates who are willing to have their candidacy public; this could put their current positions at risk.  By conducting a closed search, the Provost Search Committee feels Loyola would have the strongest pool of candidates.

The Provost Search Committee is made up of 21 members of the Loyola Community including an undergraduate student, a graduate student, 16 faculty, staff and a Dean. This committee is reflective of the entire Loyola University Chicago community and is committed to finding the best candidate for the position; a candidate with a record of a successful career in academic administration, and a strong commitment to the Jesuit mission and values reflective of Loyola University Chicago.  

The Search Committee has reviewed a robust pool of qualified candidates and has conducted in-person interviews with a pool of highly qualified candidates in order to identify the strongest candidates to call back for a second interview.  The second round of interviews is currently being conducted by a highly confidential group of members of the Loyola Community that includes the Provost Search Committee, the Deans, members of the President’s cabinet, members of the Provost staff, Dr. Callahan and Dr. Rooney. All interviewers will complete evaluations and make recommendations to Dr. Rooney.  Once Dr. Rooney has reviewed the evaluations, received the final background checks and feels confident in the selection for the next Provost and Chief Academic Officer, she will make an announcement to the Loyola Community.

After the President announces the new Provost, there will be many opportunities for members of the Loyola community to meet and greet the new Chief Academic Officer.  There will be “meet and greet sessions” for the new Provost available on all campuses. We look forward to a decision by the end of the Fall semester.

Please feel free to contact any of the members of the Provost Search Committee or myself, the Chairperson if you have any questions.


Vicki Keough, PhD, RN, Professor and Chair of the Provost Search Committee