Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Provost

Mission Grant Policy

March 2004

Policy Statement:
Loyola University Chicago has a long-standing tradition of offering tuition assistance grants to qualified religious working in developing countries and to qualified faculty from Loyola?s sister schools. These grants support the mission and values of the university and will be continued to the extent that financial resources are available.

Loyola University Chicago will follow a 3-3-3-mission grant policy. This policy will require qualified students to pay one-third of their charged, a sponsoring agent to pay another one-third of the student?s charged tuition, and Loyola University Chicago to cover the remaining third. While the student portion may be paid through student loan borrowing this portion cannot be covered by University funded scholarship, assistantships or grants.

Students covered under this Mission Grant Policy are: 1) members of religious orders working in developing countries; 2) international Jesuits; 3) faculty, staff and administrators employed by one of Loyola?s sister schools, i.e. St. Ignatius College Preparatory School, Loyola Academy, and Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, St. Joseph?s seminary; 4) participants in the Archdiocesan Leadership Program; and 5) participants in Together in God?s Service program. All students must be in a degree-seeking program, meet normal admission standards, and are required to apply for other financial assistance through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Courses for 0 credit hours will not be covered under this policy with the exception of required Dissertation Supervision courses for graduate students. Recipients of a Mission Grant from Loyola University Chicago forfeit their eligibility to receive other University funded scholarships, assistantships or grants.

An additional restriction will be placed on qualified faculty, staff and administrators in the Sister School Institution Program. Under this policy, these students will receive tuition assistance for up to nine hours of undergraduate credit or six hours of graduate (master?s level only) credit per term. In the case of an individual taking both graduate and undergraduate courses in the same semester or overlapping quarter, the limit of tuition assistance provided by Loyola University Chicago will be up to nine semester hours. During each summer session a maximum of six hours of undergraduate or six hours of graduate credit will be covered. The student and/or sponsoring agency or individual must pay all additional tuition charges. This restriction follows the same guidelines as our Loyola Employee Tuition Benefit Program.

Effective Date:
This policy takes effect for new registrants beginning in the fall semester 2002. Students currently receiving mission related tuition assistance will continue to receive their current level of tuition assistance until the degree they are now enrolled in is completed or until the first summer session of 2006, whichever comes first. If the student chooses to begin a new degree program, they will be covered under the new policy. All students currently enrolled in a non-degree seeking program will be subject to the new policy effective August 2002.

Grant applications can be secured from the Office of Student Financial Assistance. The Office of Student Financial Assistance will administer all requests for tuition grants.