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Academic Continuity

Academic Continuity

This academic continuity website has been created to provide faculty with resources in order to prepare for a disruption of on-campus courses.

Resources include guidance and strategies for moving a course online (both lecture and lab-based courses), assistance locating digital library resources, suggestions for creating alternative activities in Engaged Learning courses, and workshops to help faculty become proficient in online teaching and learning technologies. This website will be routinely updated as resources continue to be developed.

Faculty requests for instructional design assistance should be sent to: online@luc.edu

The table below will help you identify appropriate technology tool solutions for common instructional tasks.  Additional information related to moving instruction online can be found in the links below and on the left navigation resources menus.

  • Moving Online Guide: A checklist resource to review when moving your course to online during a campus disruption.
  • Just in Time Online: A self-service module for faculty that guides you through the process of quickly converting course sessions or activities to an online format.
  • Quick Technology Guide to Online Instructions: “How-to” documentation and training videos to swiftly increase fluency in Loyola’s core instructional systems such as Sakai, Panopto and Zoom.

Instructional Task

Recommended Technology Tool Solution(s)

Establish a Communication Plan

Inform students how you will communicate with them about coursework, due dates, etc.

Publish a digital syllabus

Make digital documents and readings available

  • Create PDFs from hard copies
  • Familiarize yourself with LUC’s Digital Library Services

Decide how you will deliver class lectures

  • Videoconference in real-time using Zoom
  • Link to recorded lectures in Sakai

Hold class discussions

  • During Zoom sessions in real-time
  • Using Sakai Forums
  • Using VoiceThread

Determine Assessment Methods

  • Test & Quizzes in Sakai
  • Assignments in Sakai
  • Email

Set up virtual office hours

Provide students with grades and feedback on their work


The following groups can provide additional support as you move your course online: