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Panopto is a lecture capture software that allows the user to include video, audio, screen capture, and slides into a recording. All Loyola faculty, staff, and students have the ability to create and share recordings in Panopto. Panopto is not limited to, but can be used in the following ways:

  • Record in-person class sessions, using a video equipped classroom
  • Pre-record lectures to "flip the classroom"
  • Pre-record lectures for online classes
  • Have students create a recording for an assignment
  • Upload audio or video files to share files with other users
  • Create and share video tutorials

Getting Started

Login: luc.hosted.panopto.com

Add Panopto to a Sakai site: How do I add the Panopto tool to my course?


Panopto Training

Click here to register for a Panopto training session. To request an individual or group training session, please email Corey James at cjames7@luc.edu. Faculty drop-in sessions are also available. To view the drop-in schedule, click here

Panopto Resources

There are several support materials available to Panopto users at Loyola. Visit our Resources page to view these materials.

Video Equipped Classrooms 

  •  Water Tower Campus:
    • Corboy Law Center 202, 206, 208, 321, 322, 423, 523
    • Maguire Hall 150
    • Schreiber Center 201
  • Lake Shore Campus:
    • Cuneo 002, 103, 109, 117, 210, 217, 302, 311, 312, 318, 324
    • Mundelein 403, 508
    • Crown Auditorium, 114
    • Galvin Auditorium
    • Quinlan Life Sciences Building Auditorium, 212, 312, 412
    • Information Commons 105, 111, 112, 120, 215, 216, 230
    • Dumbach Hall 006, 117, 125, 227, 235, 236

Recommended Equipment

If you are teaching from a non-video equipped classroom but would still like to record using Panopto, you can reserve a web kit from one of the Digital Media Labs on the second floor of the Information Commons at the Lake Shore Campus, or Corboy Law Center room 608 at the Water Tower Campus.  Should you desire to purchase your own equipment for use with Panopto lecture capture, ITRS recommends the following devices:

  • Recommended webcams include the Logitech C525 and C920
  • Recommended USB conferencing microphone is the Jabra SPEAK 510 MS USB Mic
  • Recommended USB lapel microphone is the Revolabs xTAG (prerecording content only)


Panopto FAQ

Panopto is a lecture capture platform that provides the ability to combine audio, video, PowerPoint/Keynote, and screen capture into one recording. Panopto can be used in classrooms on campus that are equipped with a built-in video recording system or from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Currently iOS devices have the ability to create and view recordings and android devices have the ability to view recordings. Additionally, Panopto allows you to upload pre-existing audio and video files for easy distribution to students. Panopto offers a significant improvement over previous lecture capture software by providing a straightforward interface for basic recording and a more seamless production of video files; there are also more advanced recording and editing features available.

Yes, instructors may make Panopto available in their course sites by going to Site Info > Edit Tools and adding the Panopto Tool. Additionally, users may add the Panopto tool to a project site in Sakai.

Yes, PowerPoint can be captured simultaneously along with the audio/video and screen content.  There is also a PowerPoint index in the Panopto Viewer, so students can navigate between slides.

No, students are not able to download videos within Panopto. Only the owner of the video has the option to download videos within their folders.

If you have an iOS mobile device (such as an iPad or iPhone) you may download the Panopto application for free from the App Store.  Features of this app include the capability to view videos and create recordings through Panopto. There is also a Panopto app for Android, which supports video playback but not recording.

All members of the Loyola community (faculty, staff, and students) with a valid UVID are able to create and share recordings in Panopto using their My Folder.

Yes, users can upload pre-existing audio and video files by selecting Create>Upload Media after logging into Panopto.

For questions or more information on Panopto, please contact Corey James at cjames7@luc.edu or Meg Mandolia at mmandolia@luc.edu.