The Innovator Awards recognize companies who are at the forefront of social innovation in business.

Our 2023 winners—Cara Collective, LanzaJet, and Levi Strauss & Co.—were selected for their commitment to diversity and inclusion, their leadership for the environment, and their dedication to marrying purpose and profit. 

Take a closer look at each of our 2023 winners in the videos below and in our Innovators in Social Business Report.


Social Impact Award

Cara Collective was founded in 1991 by Tom Owens, who wanted to help reduce poverty in Chicago by connecting quality jobs with the people who needed them. Cara Collective has built on that original mission, and today sees the incredible talent pool in our country, one comprised of individuals often experiencing homelessness and poverty, and helps those individuals to unlock the strengths they already have.

Environmental Stewardship Award

LanzaJet is working to make safe, sustainable aviation fuels around the world. The raw material needed to make their ethanol is widely available and accessible globally – disrupting a massive industry responsible for more than 2% of global carbon emissions. LanzaJet’s technology is making what seemed like a far-reaching aspiration a possibility, and they’re doing it today. 

This award is co-presented with Loyola's School of Environmental Sustainability.

Parkinson Award for Purpose and Profit

Levi Strauss & Co. is a global leader in jeans. They’ve operated with a guiding philosophy of “profit through principles” for about 30 years now according to Jeff Hogue, the company's Chief Sustainability Officer. They have continued to evolve how their products are produced, enhancing the sustainability of the materials used and strengthening the livelihoods of those who produce them. 

Thanks to our 2023 Judges

Garry Cooper Garry Cooper (2022 Winner)
CEO and Co-Founder
Mike Evans Mike Evans
CEO and Co-Founder
Jason Feifer Jason Feifer
Entrepreneur Magazine
Rob Parkinson Robert Parkinson
Sr. Partner, Investor Relations
Nancy Tuchman Nancy Tuchman
Founding Dean, School of Environmental Sustainability
Loyola University Chicago
Ivy Tzur Ivy Tzur (Baumhart Scholar Alum)
Sr. Consultant, Sustainability and ESG Services

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