The Innovator Awards recognize companies who are at the forefront of social innovation in business.

The awards celebrate companies across three categories of innovation: marrying profit and purpose, social impact, and environmental stewardship.


Parkinson Award

sweetgreen is a role model in how companies do well and do good, together. In the words of CEO Jonathan Neman, "we believe there is no such thing as a successful business and an unsuccessful community."

Social Impact Award

Cleveland Avenue and the Cleveland Avenue Foundation for Education (CAFE) show how business can be a powerful force for good when it focuses advancing opportunity for all. In the words of CAFE President Liz Thompson, “When you invest in educating a young person, you are contributing to society for the next several decades.”

Environmental Stewardship Award

Honeywell proves business can be bold in ambitiously innovating for a better planet. In the words of Honeywell President of Global High Growth Regions Shane Tedjarati, “Business must care because we are building a better society for today and for tomorrow.” Co-presented with Loyola's Institute of Environmental Sustainability.