Loyola University Chicago

Department of Classical Studies

About Us

The Department of Classical Studies offers students the opportunity to investigate all aspects of ancient Greek and Roman civilization. In addition to teaching the languages of Ancient Greek and Latin, we offer several courses each term in Classical Civilization, in which all texts are in English; many of them help fulfill requirements of Loyola's Core Curriculum.

Our undergraduate programs include majors and minors in Ancient Greek and in Latin, whose studies focus on a Classical language and its literary traditions, and in Classical Civilization, which gives students opportunity to combine multidisciplinary approaches to the Classical world. The Department of Classical Studies also supports a traditional degree program of Loyola University Chicago, the Classics undergraduate degree distinction.

In Fall 2011 the Department inaugurated a Post-Baccalaureate program in Classical Studies. It offers students who wish to pursue a graduate degree in Classics, ancient history, art history, medieval studies, philosophy, theology, or other fields whose research requires facility with ancient Greek and Latin, the opportunity to become proficient in these languages, gain greater exposure to Classical texts, and increase their skills at critical analysis and research.

Our diverse, active faculty includes specialists in ancient Greek and Roman literature, history, religion and archaeology, as well as papyrology, textual criticism, feminist approaches to the classics, and literary theory.