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Ancient Greek

How do I choose the right ancient Greek class?

Depending on the textbooks and instruction-methods used, a year's study of Greek in high school can equate to as much as a semester's achievement in study of the same language at the university level. Students with several years of high school Greek usually enter at the 200-level.

There is no placement test to continue taking Greek. Instead, we will work with you to determine where your studies have brought you, and enable you to select the most appropriate Greek (GREK) course. Schedule a consultation by emailing Dr. Leanna Boychenko.

How do I use ancient Greek for the language requirement?

If you have already taken some ancient Greek, it's a great idea to use it for the CAS language requirement. The College of Arts & Sciences requires competency in a language other than English to earn your degree. Here are some ways you can achieve that competency using Greek:

  • earn at least a C- in Greek 101 and 102. If you have some previous experience in ancient Greek, you can even skip Greek 101 and jump straight into 102 (taught in the spring semesters)
  • take a competency exam in ancient Greek through the CAS Dean's office: email CASLanguageTesting@luc.edu from your Loyola email to make an appointment. If you plan to continue taking Greek at Loyola, you do NOT need to take this exam.
  • take Greek at a higher level: if you have enough experience in ancient Greek to begin at the 200-level, you can fulfill your requirement that way. You do NOT need to begin at the 100-level.

What else can I do with Ancient Greek at Loyola?

  • major or minor in Ancient Greek
  • use Greek towards a major or minor in Classical Civilization
  • use Greek courses towards interdisciplinary minors including Medieval Studies, Rome Studies, or Shakespeare Studies
  • students who achieve at least a B at the intermediate language level (or higher) are eligible for induction into Eta Sigma Phi, the classical language honor society
  • students who take at least four ancient language courses above the beginning level and achieve competency in another language of their choice fulfill the requirements for the Classics-BA degree distinction. This special distinction on your diploma is unique to Loyola, and represents a well-rounded, traditional Jesuit education.
  • students who are eligible for induction into Phi Beta Kappa, America's most prestigious honor society, must achieve intermediate competency in a second or non-native language. One ancient Greek course at the 200-level or higher fulfills this requirement.

Planning to start at the 101-102 level? For introductory Greek, we will begin using Keller and Russel, Learn to Read Greek in the 2021-2022 academic year.