Loyola University Chicago

Department of Classical Studies

Classics Bachelor's degree distinction


Besides its own majors and minors, the Department of Classical Studies also supports a special degree-distinction program that preserves the form of a well-rounded humanistic education in the Jesuit tradition. The Classics degree-distinction, available in all undergraduate programs of Loyola University Chicago, is modeled after the course of study that was required of all Loyola undergraduates during the first century of the institution.

The Classics degree-distinction is not a major. Students major in any department or program within the College of Arts and Sciences or other undergraduate School within Loyola University Chicago; please see departmental advisers for those requirements. The unique distinction of the Classics degree-distinction is that the Bachelor's degree the student earns also comprises four courses above the 100-series in Greek or Latin; Classics degree-distinguished graduates must also demonstrate elementary-level competence in a second foreign language (potentially though not necessarily the other classical language), amounting to two semesters' credit for college-level work or the equivalent expertise (e.g., proficiency exam or AP credit). A student completes a total of 120 course hours (minimum) to graduate with the Classics degree-distinction.

The notation "Classics" on a student's transcripts indicates a well-rounded education, giving the student an advantage on the job market or with law, medical or graduate school admission boards.

  • For more information about the Classics degree-distinction, please contact Dr. Jonathan Mannering, Undergraduate Programs Director (jmannering at luc.edu).
  • To declare your intention to pursue the Classics degree-distinction, please print and fill out the form at www.luc.edu/cas/forms and submit it to the Dean's Office of the College of Arts and Sciences (Sullivan Center 235 or Lewis Towers 900).

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