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Department of Classical Studies

Special Events


Fall 2019


  • 10 September (Tuesday): Book Sale and beginning of semester party. 2-4pm, Crown Center 572 and Classics Lobby. Organized by the Classics Club.
  • 18 September (Wednesday): Dr. Andrew Donnelly, Loyola University Chicago, "The Marzamemi 'Church Wreck': Prestige, Patronage, and Power in the Late Antique," Archaeological Institute of American, Chicago Society, Archaeology and Ale series. Hopleaf. The event is free and open to everyone 21 and over; register online.
  • 19 September (Thursday): Prof. John Hale, University of Louisville, "Men of Bronze—How Greek Hoplite Warriors Transformed the Ancient World," Holland Memorial Lecture for the Art Institute of Chicago. Fullerton Hall, Art Institute of Chicago. 6:00-7:00pm. Free with admission -- admission is always free with a Loyola University ID.


  • 2 October (Wednesday): Work-in-Progress colloquium. Nava Cohen (post-bac program), "Etiam si filium haberem tibi mandarem: Father-like Figures and Borrowed Sons in Pliny’s Epistles 2.1-2.10.” Crown Center 141, Loyola University Chicago, Lakeshore Campus. 4:30-5:30pm.
  • 11-13 October (Friday-Sunday): Annual Meeting of the Illinois Classical Conference. Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois. Presenters include Loyola post-bac student (and 2018 Farrand Baker Latin Teacher of the Year) Nava Cohen, "Etiam si filium haberem tibi mandarem: Father-like Figures and Borrowed Sons in Pliny’s Epistles 2.1-2.10.”
  • 30 October (Wednesday): Seneca's Thyestes, 5:00pm, Galvin Auditorium, Sullivan Center.


  • 11 November (Monday): Dr. Krishni Burns (University Illinois-Chicago) presents "Bringing Mother Home: Roman Multiculturalism and Magna Mater" for the Department of Classical Studies. 5:00pm, Institute for Environmental Studies Room 110, Loyola University Chicago, Lakeshore Campus. Open to the campus and public. Reception to follow.


  • 5 December (Thursday): Humanism of Antiquity Oral Demonstration, 4:00pm-5:30pm, Crown Center 140. Friends and supporters most welcome. To be followed by the End-of-Term Party, 5:30pm-7:00pm, Crown Center 200 East/West.


Exhibits and Performances

  • 18-27 October. Polaroid Stories at the Theatre School at DePaul University. Directed by Stephanie LeBolt. Based on interviews with homeless youth, Naomi Iizuka's Polaroid Stories weaves together myths from Ovid's Metamorphoses to raise the voices of street kids to the level and importance of the gods. A story of transformation, this poetic and profane journey follows kids through the dangerous and sometimes fantastical world of the streets as they tell stories to survive.  
  • 7 November - 8 December. Oedipus Rex at the Court Theatre of the University of Chicago. Marilyn F. Vitale Artistic Director Charles Newell helms this production which begins Court’s Oedipus Trilogy, honoring the foundations of drama and Founding Artistic Director Nicholas Rudall’s vision for the way Court Theatre would invigorate the classical canon. Oedipus seeks to cure his city of a mysterious plague by discovering the murderer of the former king. Captivating and cathartic, Sophocles’ seminal Greek tragedy brings to light enduring questions of identity, fate, and free will that reverberate in startling ways in the 21st century.
  • 26 March - 5 April. The Odyssey. Loyola University Chicago, Newhart Family Theatre. Adapted by Mary Zimmerman from Robert Fitzgerald's translation. Directed by Sarah Gabel. An ingenious adaptation of Homer’s Greek myth, The Odyssey begins in a modern context, with a young woman struggling to understand a translation of the great work. As the play progresses, the ten-year journey of Odysseus is brought to life through classic mythological characters like Polyphemus the Cyclops, Poseidon, Calypso, and the Sirens.
  • 7 May - 7 June 2020. The Gospel at Colonus at the Court Theatre of the University of Chicago. Soulful and stirring, The Gospel at Colonus reimagines the story of Oedipus as the centerpiece of an African American Pentecostal church service. A redemptive celebration, this one-of-a-kind theatrical event breathes new life into a classic myth with a score of powerful gospel music. A bold collaboration from an extraordinary team of artists led by Charles Newell and TaRon Patton. The Oedipus trilogy will wrap up with Antigone in the 2020-2021 season. 


Recent Department Events

May 2019

  • 4 May (Saturday): Memorial for Dr. Ed Menes, Professor Emeritus. Memorial Mass, 10:00am, Ignatius House (6324 N. Kenmore). Luncheon, 11:30am, NEW LOCATION--Palm Court, Mundelein Center, 4th floor (1020 W. Sheridan Rd.). Lecture by Dr. Thomas Strunk (Xavier University, Loyola alum), "Two Things Equal to a Third Thing: Students and Teachers, Long Ago and Nearby," 1:15pm, NPalm Court, Mundelein Center, 4th floor. Loyola University Chicago, Lakeshore Campus.

March 2019

  • 13 March (Wednesday): "Exitium Caesaris"‌! commemorate the Ides of March with this performance of the death of Caesar presented in Latin. 6:00pm, Galvin Auditorium, Sullivan Center, Lake Shore Campus. The performance lasts about 20 minnutes. Pizza party to follow. Download the poster: !

February 2019

  • 26 February (Tuesday): Initiation of new members of Iota Kappa, Loyola's chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, the national collegiate honorary society for students of ancient Greek and Latin, and celebration: all friends of Classics are invited! 4:30-6:00pm, Crown Center 200 E-W. Refreshments will be served.

November 2018

  • 14 November (Wednesday): Dr. Andrew Donnelly, "Re-experiencing Rome: the Next Apicius," Work-in-Progress Series. 4:00pm, Dumbach 124.
  • 28 November (Wednesday): Dr. Leanna Boychenko, "Theocritus Iambicist: Reconsidering Genre in the Idylls," Work-in-Progress Series. 4:00pm, Dumbach 124.


October 2018

  • 1 October (Monday): Dr. Alexandra Carpino, Professor of Art History and Department Chair, Comparative Cultural Studies, Northern Arizona University, ,  5:00 pm, Damen Student Center Cinema.
  • 31 October (Wednesday): Dr. Leanna Boychenko, "Cleopatra, Hot or Not? Asking the Wrong Questions about Powerful Women," Loyola Feminist Lecture Series, 4:00pm-5:15pm, Piper Hall.

September 2018

  • 26 September (Wednesday): Dr. Pat Graham-Skoul, "Sappho 58.25-28: habrosyne and eros," Work-in-Progress Series. 4:00pm, Dumbach 5.

April 2018

  • 10 April (Tuesday): Emily Wilson, University of Pennsylvania, presents "Translating the Odyssey: How and Why," the 42nd annual Edward Surtz Lecture in the Humanities, Loyola University Chicago. 4:00-5:30pm, reception to follow. Piper Hall, Lake Shore Campus. 
  • 11-14 April (Wednesday-Saturday): The 114th Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Two Loyola students will present their research: Henry W. Lanphier (Post-Baccalaureate Program), "Didactic Medea: Problems and Possibilities in Using Medea to Study Athenian Gender Roles in the Classroom," and Stephanie Wong (BA Classics), "Dominance through Permanence: Schoolboy Graffiti in the Greco-Roman World." Lanphier and Wong will also moderate the Round Table Discussion "Ancient Mores and Modern Sensibilities."

March 2018

February 2018

  • 13 February (Tuesday): Loyola Classical studies student Keegan Sims presents his paper "Agriculture and Debt-Slavery in Archaic Greece" for the Department of Classical Studies. 4:30-5:30pm, Crown Center 572 (Department Library). Mr. Sims will be featured at the Seventh Annual Tennessee Undergraduate Classics Research Conference, Knoxville, TN, February 24. 
  • 25 February (Sunday): Katherine Kelaidis, NHM and Loyola University Chicago, presents "Byzantium: The Forgotten Empire" for the National Hellenic Museum. 2:00-4:00pm, National Hellenic Museum. $5 students/ $10 members/ $15 non-members. Registration required

November 2017

October 2017

  • 25 October (Wednesday): "Fasces or Fascism? The Balbo Monument in Chicago," panel discussion sponsored by the Department of Classical Studies at Loyola University Chicago. Featured panelists: Laura Gawlinski (Classical Studies), Anthony Cardoza (History), Andrew Donnelly (Classical Studies/History), Tim Libaris (BA-Classics). 5:30pm, Cudahy Science 202, Lake Shore Campus.

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