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Department of Classical Studies

Faculty Directory

Leanna Boychenko
Associate Professor and Post-Baccalaureate Program Director
PhD, Yale University
Research Interests: Hellenistic Poetry, Archaic Greek Poetry, Ptolemaic Egypt, and Identity and Ethnicity in the Ancient World
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Jenn Finn Associate Professor and Chair
PhD, University of Michigan, Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat
Research Interests: Ancient Near East, Alexander the Great, ancient warfare
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Laura Gawlinski Associate Professor 
PhD, Cornell University
Research Interests: Greek religion, epigraphy, archaeology
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Pat Graham-Skoul
Adjunct Professor
PhD, Northwestern University
Research Interests: Greek lyric poetry, ethics, gender
Richard Hutchins  Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Princeton University
Research Interests:  Ancient Science, Ancient Philosophy, Environmental Humanities, Women Writers in Antiquity
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Edith Pennoyer (Penny) Livermore Lecturer
PhD, Northwestern University
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Jacqueline Long Associate Professor
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Arts and Sciences
PhD, Columbia University
Research Interests: Late Antique history & literature, Roman history & literature, women and gender
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Jonathan Mannering Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Program Director
PhD, King's College, Cambridge University
Research Interests: Roman literature of the Late Republic and Early Empire, rhetoric and rhetorical theory, quotation and cultural reproduction
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Jennifer Muslin Instructor
PhD, University of Texas at Austin
Research Interests: Roman amphorae and the ancient economy; archaeology of the Bay of Naples and Italy; ethnic identify and acculturation; Greek and Latin literature



Kirk Shellko Adjunct Instructor
PhD, Loyola University Chicago
Research Interests: Ancient science, comic & tragic representations of Socrates in Plato’s dialogues, Aristotle
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James Townshend
Assistant Professor
PhD, Harvard University
Research Interests: Roman literature of the Late Republic and Early Empire, ancient Greek & Roman law, ancient aesthetics



Jim Keenan
Professor Emeritus
PhD, Yale University
Research Interests: Papyrology, Roman Law, Byzantine Egypt
Brian Lavelle
Professor Emeritus
PhD, University of British Columbia
Research Interests: Archaic Greece, Greek tyranny, Athenian democracy
John Makowski
Associate Professor Emeritus
PhD, Princeton University
Research Interests: Roman literature, Latin language, myth, classical world in cinema


In Memoriam

Ed Menes, Professor Emeritus

We report with great sadness that Ed passed away 25 August 2018. His family held memorial services in Houston in September; our commemoration at Loyola-Chicago took place 4 May 2019.

Matthew Creighton, S.J., Professor Emeritus

The Department mourns the loss of our emeritus colleague, Fr. Matthew E. Creighton, S.J. He died Friday, 23 November 2018, at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland in Pontiac, Michigan.

Gregory Dobrov, Associate Professor and Post-Baccalaureate Program Director

It is with much sadness that we report that Greg passed away September 27, 2015. A memorial was held on campus at Madonna della Strada chapel on October 9, 2015.