Loyola University Chicago

Department of Classical Studies

Faculty Directory

Katherine Billotte-Kelaidis
PhD, University of London
Research Interests: Reception of Greek & Roman drama, Greek-American studies
Leanna Boychenko
Assistant Professor and Post-Baccalaureate Program Director
PhD, Yale University
Research Interests: Hellenistic poetry, Archaic Greek poetry, Ptolemaic Egypt
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Andrew Donnelly
PhD, Loyola University Chicago
Research Interests: Late Antique history, ancient food and dining, ceramics
Laura Gawlinski Associate Professor and Chair (on leave, fall 2018)
PhD, Cornell University
Research Interests: Greek religion, epigraphy, archaeology
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Pat Graham-Skoul
Adjunct Professor
PhD, Northwestern University
Research Interests: Greek lyric poetry, ethics, gender
Jim Keenan Professor
PhD, Yale University
Research Interests: Papyrology, Roman Law, Byzantine Egypt
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Brian Lavelle Professor and Interim Chair (fall 2018)
PhD, University of British Columbia
Research Interests: Archaic Greece, Greek tyranny, Athenian democracy
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Edith Pennoyer (Penny) Livermore Full-time Instructor
PhD, Northwestern University
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Jacqueline Long Associate Professor
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Arts and Sciences
PhD, Columbia University
Research Interests: Late Antique history & literature, Roman history & literature, women and gender
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John Makowski Associate Professor
PhD, Princeton University
Research Interests: Roman literature, Latin language, myth, classical world in cinema
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Jonathan Mannering Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Program Director
PhD, King's College, Cambridge University
Research Interests: Latin prose and poetry (late Republic, early Empire), rhetoric and oratorical performance in public spaces, literary reception
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Kirk Shellko Instructor
PhD, Loyola University Chicago
Research Interests: Ancient science, comic & tragic representations of Socrates in Plato’s dialogues, Aristotle
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Ed Menes Professor Emeritus
PhD, Princeton University
Research Interests: Latin lyric and elegy, linguistics
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In Memoriam:

Gregory Dobrov, Associate Professor and Post-Baccalaureate Program Director

 ‌It is with much sadness that we report that Greg passed away September 27, 2015. A memorial was held on campus at Madonna della Strada chapel on October 9, 2015.