Loyola University Chicago

Department of Classical Studies


The Department of Classical Studies offers majors, minors, and courses in three areas: Classical Civilization (CLCV major and minor, CLST course-prefix), ancient Greek (GREK), and Latin (LATN). Greek and Latin courses above the 200-level can be the central part of earning the Classics bachelor's degree distinction. Many Latin, Greek, or Classical Studies courses can fulfill requirements in interdisciplinary programs, like the European Studies or Medieval Studies minors. The Department of Classical Studies is part of the College of Arts and Sciences. Please consult their page for more information on degree requirements and policies that affect your majors and minors (e.g., the double dipping policy).

Courses in the ancient Greek and Latin languages are necessary for graduate studies in Classics and other fields that encompass the ancient Mediterranean world. Students in the College of Arts & Sciences can use Greek or Latin to fulfill the College foreign language competency requirement

Classical Civilization courses use only texts that have been translated into English. Many Classical Civilization courses also help fulfill requirements of Loyola's Core Curriculum.

In keeping with Loyola's Jesuit tradition, the university offers a special Classics degree-distinction. It can be earned in the context of any undergraduate program. Along with the program's requirements students must take four courses above the 100-series in Greek or Latin and demonstrate elementary-level competence in one other foreign language (Classical or not). This program supplies students with a degree curriculum that is closest in form to traditional Jesuit higher education.

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate gives students who have already earned a Bachelor's degree the opportunity to achieve the fluency in reading ancient Greek and Latin that graduate study requires. Post-Baccalaureate classwork extends their engagement with Classical texts and introduces research in the field. Students become able to clarify their professional goals while building the skills with which to pursue them. This flexible program is designed to meet students at the level of proficiency with which they enter and bring them up to target.