Loyola University Chicago

Department of Classical Studies


Jonathan Mannering

Title/s:  Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Program Director

Office #:  Crown Center 555

Phone: 773.508.3662



B.A., University of Chicago

M.Phil., Ph.D., King's College, Cambridge University

Research Interests

Latin prose and poetry (late Republic, early Empire), rhetoric and oratorical performance in public spaces, literary reception

Courses Taught

Classics in translation

  • Classical Myth (CLST 271)
  • Heroes and Classical Epics (CLST 272)
  • Classical Tragedy (CLST 273)
  • Ancient Rhetoric (CLST 279)
  • Ancient Novel (CLST 280)
  • Western Intellectual Traditions: Antiquity to the Middle Ages (HONR 101)


  • Elementary Latin II (LATN 102)
  • Age of Caesar (LATN 283)
  • Age of Augustus (LATN 284)
  • Age of Nero (LATN 286)
  • Age of the Flavians (LATN 287)
  • Horace (LATN 345)
  • Juvenal (LATN 346)
  • Readings in Roman Literature (LATN 388)

Selected Publications


  • "Objection! Contesting Taste and Space in Seneca’s Declamatory Arena," in Dinter, Guérin & Martinho, eds., Reading Roman Declamation: Seneca the Elder (Oxford, forthcoming).
  • "Declamation 2.0: Reading Calpurnius 'Whole'," in Dinter, Guérin & Martinho, eds., Reading Roman Declamation: Calpurnius Flaccus (DeGruyter, forthcoming 2017).
  • "Seneca's Philosophical Writings: Naturales Quaestiones, Dialogi, Epistulae Morales," in Buckely & Dinter, eds., A Companion to the Neronian Age (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013).
  • Book review: Coffee, Neil, The Commerce of War: Exchange and Social Order in Latin Epic, JRS 100 (2010).

Papers Presented

  • "How does Seneca read Vergil's Aeneid?" 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association at Brown University, Providence, RI, 30 March 2012
  • "God, Reason, and Rainbows in Seneca's Natural Questions 1," 107th Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South, Grand Rapids, MI, 6-9 April 2011